Welcome to ArtsySmarty.com , Blog and Portfolio for Erin Knopsnider – EEKstatic Designs, and ultimate creative reference guide. I plan on covering all sorts of topics but I also want this page to demonstrate who I am and the type of things that I can accomplish! It’s meant to be a life affirming, creative outlet, while I get to share what I love doing and helping others do.

Art. Beauty. Knowledge.  -The three central ideas that this blog and pages within are inspired by and dedication to sharing.

Be sure to check out my blog for the lastest creativity tips, tricks and tutorials.

The Resource Pages are where you can find tons of creative resources on topics such as sewing, writing, jewelry making and so much more! The amount of research iv’e done on some topics have produced a great amount of awesome resources. I just don’t see the point in not shareing, for those of you out there who could benefit from these resources.

This is a fairly new page and it’s going to take me a little bit of sorting and time to get everything figured out, and all my content put in the right spots. Thank you for bearing with me while I turn this into a really cool place! I always welcome relevant comments, and would love to get some ¬†interaction going on, even if’s its just to tell me what you think about my page.

I am also a Pinterest Junkie and get tons of inspiration from it. Check out some of my pins below:



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